UKOUG Systems Event and Exadata Content

I’ve been involved in organising a couple of upcoming UKOUG events.

I will be involved with the engineered systems stream for the annual UKOUG conference, returning after an absence of a couple of years, to once again being held in Birmingham.

While the planning for this is at a very early stage, Martin Widlake will be giving you the inside scoop on this.

The event I really want to talk about though is an event that is much more immediate:

The UKOUG Systems Event, this is a one day, multi-stream event which is being held in London on May 20th.

This event will feature at least 1 and possibly 2 Exadata streams. I am sure we will have a really good range of speakers with a wealth of Exadata experience.

In addition to Exadata there will be a focus on other engineered systems platforms as well as Linux/Solaris and virtualisation. So a wide range of topics being covered in a number of different streams. If you feel you have a presentation that might be of interest, either submit a paper, or feel free to get in touch with me to discuss further.

Note the submission deadline is 18th March.

But the real big news though is that the event is likely to feature some serious deep dive material from Roger Macnicol. Roger is one of the people within Oracle actually responsible for writing the smart scan code.

If you want to understand Exadata smart scans you will not be able to get this information anywhere else in the whole of Europe.

I had the privilege of seeing Roger present at E4 last year, and the information he can provide is so good you even had super smart people like Tanel Poder scribbling down a lot of the information that Roger was providing.

So to repeat, if you are interested in knowing about how smart scan works we are hoping to be able to provide a talk with the level of detail that is only possible from having one of the people responsible for smart scan from inside Oracle come to give it. In addition to this he will be presenting on BDA.

If all that was not enough, there should be a nice relaxed social event at the end of the conference where you will be able to chat over any questions you may still have!


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