jarneil Consulting Ltd.

Oracle Database Services

Jarneil Consulting provide Oracle Database consulting services. I have over 12 years experience with the Oracle database ranging from Oracle versions 8 up to and including 11gR2. I have been involved in many upgrade and migration projects over these various versions, using both Sun Solaris and Linux operating systems. I have particular interest in High Availability solutions and have been involved in numerous Oracle RAC installations and migrations. I also have particular expertise in Oracle Dataguard. With a strong background in UNIX as a Solaris System Administrator I also have a good understanding of underlying O/S issues. I also can provide an excellent understanding of storage related issues, particularly with EMC technologies.


  • Oracle versions 8-11gR2
  • Experienced with Oracle RAC over multiple versions 9iR2-11gR2
  • Installation, Upgrade, Patching of Oracle database
  • Oracle migrations and consoldations
  • High level of Oracle Dataguard knowledge and High Availability solutions.
  • Performance Troubleshooting SQL and Instance wide tuning using wait events ASH/AWR
  • Design of scalable databases (data model, design, sizing)
  • Backup/Recovery strategies, RMAN, Cloning and linking with Media Management Layers
  • Great communication skills presenting/Training/documentation
  • System Administrator level of Operating System knowledge on both Solaris and Linux – tuning O/S for database
  • Storage Administrator level skills with EMC Clariions
  • For full experience details and projects undertaken see CV

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