Exadata Cloud Service Prices

The OCI Exadata Cloud Service is well described by this document, in particular toward the end of the document there is a useful table that outlines what you get with each size of Exadata Rack, in terms of CPU/Memory/Storage etc. Note it does differ from the on-premises options.

With ExaCS the pricing is slightly more complicated than with other products as you have the cost of a rack component, which scales linearly going from 1/4 to 1/2 then to full, AND then you have to add in the number of OCPU’s that you require. Clearly the number of OCPU’s you need is going to have an impact on the size of ExaCS rack you need to provision.

While March feels a very, very long time ago – there are some weeks of 2020 that feel like months worth of events happen in them – back then I was pricing up some Exadata Cloud Service components for a customer.

Recently I had to revisit the calculation and noticed the price had come down in the space of a few months. From the March quote we see:

So a pair of X8 quarter-racks were coming in at £21,389 (note British Pounds), or £10,695 each.

While come my new quote in July 2020, we have:

So it has now gone down to £17,111 a pair or £8,555 each.

This is a 20% reduction in cost!

It is also worth noting that the cost per OCPU has NOT changed, it has remained constant at £0.2556 per hour.

Another point is that according to the price list the X8 ExaCS is actually cheaper than provisioning the X7 variety. And it’s not even close, the X8 base price comes in at £11.4997 per hour, while the X7 is a whopping £17.0366, which is nearly 50% higher!

Across an entire year you’d be some £50K worse off provisioning an X7. Clearly Oracle really want you on the X8. It’s a good deal for the customer to be paying less to be given the newer hardware.

There is no price advantage with the OCPU component of the bill, you pay the same price whether that CPU is in an X7 or X8.

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