The ASM Mind Map

I used to use mind maps while I was still at school in the early 90’s, yeah last century. I found them useful then, but I seem to have really fallen out of the habit of using them.

I do think they can be useful in gaining an overall picture of a subject or topic. I picked up my early introduction via one of the many books by Tony Buzan.

However the idea of applying them in a work context only really struck me recently and so I now present the (click link for PDF version) ASM Mind Map:

I hope it’s of use to someone out there. If there is something you think is missing do leave a comment and I’ll see if I can add it in.

Note the X$ tables are mostly taken from Luca Canali’s excellent document on the CERN Twiki.

The software I used to create this was Mindjet’s MindMapper pro, though there are free alternatives.

There definitely will be a Dataguard Mind Map appearing sometime soon.


4 thoughts on “The ASM Mind Map

  1. It’s a great idea to put this in a mindmap. The only thing is that de background color of the text seems to be black, which makes black text unreadable (in Acrobat Reader 4.05, which is the only approved version at my site).

  2. Hi Marcel,

    I’m really sorry about that!

    Unfortunately, I’m all Mac OS X here, and It’s got a white background. I confess now, I have NOT tested this with adobe acrobat 4.05. Though I can confirm that you can see it with version 8, of acrobat reader. Of course this may be no use to you!


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