The Dataguard Mind Map

There is definitely a lot more to encompass with dataguard than with the ASM mind map. I hope the Dataguard Mind Map is of use to someone out there! The pdf linked to there is a lot smaller download than the full jpg available below.

I think dataguard splits itself quite neatly into the following topics:

  • Standby Creation
  • Transport
  • Redo Apply
  • Protection Modes
  • Maintenance
  • Role Transitions
  • The Broker
  • If there is anything you may think is missing in relation to dataguard in this diagram, I’d be interested in hearing what you think.

    Note if you click the diagram below you get a new page with what at first looks an even smaller diagram, but which you can zoom in to make it quite large.


    5 thoughts on “The Dataguard Mind Map

    1. Howdy John,

      I’ve been sitting on this one for quite a few weeks, OpenWorld kinda got in the way 🙂

      Don’t worry! I was out in the park, enjoying the last sunny day of the year!


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