Had a great day at the UKOUG Exa.. Day yesterday. I was happy by and large with how my presentation went, it was a bit irritating having some technical issues with laptops and projectors, but hopefully the audience was entertained enough to not let that have annoyed them too much. I’ve included a link to the powerpoint of the presentation, you really need to read the notes to gain an understanding of what I was trying to say!

Apologies that it is a near 7MB download, but I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have on it, and all feedback welcomed.

As for the day itself, there was a great atmosphere at the event, and many, many familiar faces from UKOUG events of the past, in particular many faces from the RAC SIG. I particularly enjoyed Frits Hoogland’s presentation on Exadata and OLTP. He even alluded to the fact that Exadata smart flash logging may not be as beneficial to OLTP as you may be lead to believe. The other take away message from his presentation was to test everything – don’t take things for granted!

Tanel Poder was great to listen to and I think he could have gone on for many hours more talking about Exadata performance.

The day rounded off with great chat and beers for all the delegates courtesy of e-dba.


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