Upgrading/Downgrading Exadata iLOM firmware

This post is not really Exadata specific, really it applies to any use of the Sun X4170 series of hardwre. And it definitely seems a long way from being a traditional DBA task. As I’ve had to perform this task a number of times recently I thought I’d document it here.

There are actually a number of ways of doing it, but finding and navigating the documentation can be challenging. The way I have performed and iLOM upgrade (or downgrade) has been to use the web interface. It can be done via the command line, but the web interface has worked well for me.

The software for the iLOM can be found in the software distribution, but you have to do some digging as it is contained within the dbw.tbz tar ball, which itself is found in the image_version.tbz file which is under the db_patch_version directory. What you need is something of the form:

[root@db01] tar xvf opt/oracle.cellos/iso/cellbits/dbfw.tbz
[root@db01] tar xvf dbfw.tbz ActualFirmwareFiles/ILOM-3_0_9_19_e_r66106-Sun_Fire_X4170_X4270_X4275.pkg

This extracts just your iLOM pkg file.

So with your .pkg to hand, fire your web browser at the iLOM you want to upgrade and then choose Maintenance:

Obviously you click the upgrade Firmware Upgrade tab and then the Enter Upgrade Mode:

You now choose your iLOM pkg file and press the Upload button. This takes you to the following type of screen:

Where you can see you current version and what version you are going to upgrade/downgrade to. Once you hit the Start Upgrade button You are taken to a screen that shows the progress of the loading of the new firmware.

All very straightforward.

However, Oracle advise to follow MOS: 1327022.1 which has the following command line steps:

Check the pkg file is the version you want:

# cd /opt/oracle.cellos/iso/cellbits 
# tar -tf dbfw.tbz

Now Check your current Firmware version:

# /opt/oracle.cellos/CheckHWnFWProfile -d 

 American Megatrends Inc. 
 Intel(R) Xeon(R) E5540 2.53GHz 
[ILOMVersion] r66106 
 PCI-E Slot 0 
 LSI MegaRAID SAS 9261-8i 
 PCI-E Slot 2 
 Firmware Revision : 3.0 
 PS0 and PS1 ok 

The above output is from a V2 running

Finally you can upgrade the firmware with the following:

# /opt/oracle.cellos/CheckHWnFWProfile -U /opt/oracle.cellos/iso/cellbits 

After this is complete, check your version again. The iLOM upgrades seem straightforward and in isolation I’ve not encountered any issues with them. However during upgrades the iLOM is also upgraded automatically, and I have encountered issues with this – but that is for another blog entry!


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