New Beginnings

Today I resigned from a job that I have loved. In many ways it felt like cheating on a girlfriend. The illicit calls to the other party behind the first ones back, it really felt in some ways like betrayal. I was not looking forwards to informing my current employer that I was leaving them for another. Though to be fair to them they have been fantastically supportive.

I have given 10 years of service and have shepharded the companies databases and indeed the companies data throughout this time. From the hazy beginnings on a scattering of Oracle 8i single instances to the heady heights of MAA architecture and 11gR2 today. It has been quite a journey and I have learned a lot on the way, particularly in regards to many tasks that are not normally viewed as being with the standard purview of a DBA.

Total control over the OS? Check.

Complete control over storage configuration? Check.

Ability to change any network settings? Check.

For a DBA it’s total control to have things set up in just the way you want them. I would not hesitate recommending experiencing this level of control to another DBA. No finger pointing, no waiting for someone else to do their piece of work. Success or failure is down to you.

And yet, I’m still leaving!

For some time I’ve been looking for more. More varied systems to work on, and new things to learn. I’m really hoping the new opening is going to enable this. I’m leaving to become a consultant with e-dba.

e-dba are forming a new team to look after their Exadata customers and I’m going to be part of that. I’m also really hoping for a varied range of experiences with them.

Indeed I’m really looking forward to be getting my hands on some Exadata work! In fact so much so, that I’m reading up on the fantastic Expert Oracle Exadata book already.


6 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. In my opinion she cheated on you first. While this wouldn’t certainly pardon your sins, it will probably diminish your punishment. Nevertheless, its done anf now you have to focus on your new partnership or you will end up single.

    By the way, as I only had your contact via your old lover, i sm now unable to write you privately. Please email me at your soonest convenience.

  2. Ah, that feeling! But the sensation is wrong, we are not married to our jobs. Ten years, you have proved yourself reliable, and anyone understands you want to move on.

    • Hello,

      Ah, very, very true!

      I think there are people who feel they are married to their jobs, but it is important to realise there is a whole world awaiting out there!



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