UKOUG 2010 – Wednesday

I think this has been an outstanding UKOUG conference this year. I don’t think there has been a talk which I’ve been to where I have not picked up something new. I Also spoke to some great people. Sadly I had to work on Tuesday and missed out on a few presentations.

Tuesday night was fairly fantastic as well, I managed to catch my colleague Patrick Hurley’s talk on the least an Oracle DBA needs to know about MySQL. Patrick presented several demos of the basic features of mysql, and I certainly learned something, but also his technique of doing demos rather than just waffling on was much appreciated at such a late stage of the day.

The networking event was a lot of fun, and then I became one of Paul Vallee’s “Peeps” and a motley crew went for an excellent meal on Pythian.

Wednesday turned out to be fantastic as well, and I saw some cracking presentations.

First up was

Introduction to 11gR2 Clusterware – Joel Goodman

Joel is just amazing, it was 08:45 in the morning and the room was pretty crowded for him to display his encyclopaedic knowledge. Joel went through the 11gR2 Grid Infrastructure stack with aplomb, I certainly picked up some nuggets of information. A fantastic start to the day.

Beginning in the right place – Tanel Poder

Again this was just fantastic, but actually not what you normally get from Tanel, but much more about getting your thinking right, rather than the usual internal geekery, however this presentation was really bang on, emphasing the point about it being TIME that matters and focussing on what the actual problem is – asking “how do you experience it” . Also saying when it’s a session problem there is not much point looking database wide as the issue may well be masked by the 1000’s of other sessions.

Truly world class.

I then had a fantastic lunch with Martin Bach and Dave Burnham, not for the food, but definitely for the conversation.

After lunch it was:

Thinking about Memory – Julian Dyke

This was an interesting presentation. It basically consisted of Julian banging out some C code to demo various memory issues, i.e. shared memory creation etc. He used pmap quite a bit. It was fascinating stuff.

Taking .UK All the Way to 11 – Me

With the presentation being on late in the day, and the weather being a bit dodgy for travelling home, I was really convinced that it would be me and 3 other people, who were all in the wrong session, that would be in the room. However, I was delighted by the turn out for my talk. I was reasonably happy with how it went but gutted that I did not highlight the link to the document I’ve produced that goes into much more detail on our 11gR2 upgrade.

You can pick up a document that goes into a lot of the detail behind the talk.

Fairly painful getting back on the train with a couple of them being cancelled. However, it has been a fantastic UKOUG conference this year and I’m looking forward to next year already.


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