Oracle OpenWorld 2010: Monday

Monday was a good day. My first session was an unconference session, it’s quite a trek to find the unconference sessions this year it’s in a hotel around 10 minutes from the Moscone. It was definitely worth the trek as this was a fantastically good presentation. It was on rman 11g new features by Kamran Agayev. Kamran presented an interesting set of new features and had a couple of very good demoes, in particular his demo on Data Recovery Advisor was really clear.

Then had an excellent chat with Martin Nash, who kindly offered to get me into Oracle Closed World. It’s a little bit cloak and dagger.

Skipped back to OpenWorld for Richard Foote’s excellent look at new indexing features in 11g. Invisible indexes do look like they could come in quite handy.

Then a little bit of a disappointing session from AT&T regarding their infrastructure – where a primary node runs on 4 E25K servers each with 106 cpus! That is an awful lot of license fees. The 2nd half of the presentation did become a bit of an advert for Oracle Advanced Customer Services.

Finished the day off with an informative Panel discussion with the Real World Performance Group. They were really emphasising the point that you don’t need 1000’s and 1000’s of connected sessions to generate a lot of transactions and you should be able to design with a lot less connections.

Sounded like OTN night was not available for bloggers, so Monday was rounded off watching the San Francisco 49’ers get beat with a last minute field goal, a lot of disappointed San Franciscans!


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