Oracle OpenWorld – Wednesday

A couple of first for me today at OpenWorld. First presentation I was in, I actually fell asleep! I had not done that before at OpenWorld. I’m sure it was due to the bloggers meetup, but I nodded off and was dreaming I was about to get caught in the doors of an elevator lift. I then flailed my arms both in my dream (to stop the doors closing) and in reality, and at this point I came juddering awake. I’m sure everyone else was riveted to the action so probably no-one noticed.

The guy giving the presentation (it was a RAC one) did know his stuff, but somehow his material just was dull. The presentation really came alive when the questions started, you could really tell he knew RAC, and the 11gR2 changes inside out, and that made the question and answer session fascinating. But everyone was streaming out during this, and people were just going up to the front to ask the questions! Sheesh, it’s not difficult! Go to the mike to ask the question so everyone can hear what you are saying! There is clearly a huge amount of misunderstanding about 11gR2 and RAC. C’mon Julian get your finger out and get delivering the 11gR2 version of the book? We can’t all wait until next June! 😉

Next up was Barb Lundhild’s RAC Internals presentation, and somehow the material just flowed in this presentation so much better.

And then another first, a presentation I would have left after about 2 minutes, if I had not got a wifi signal and decided to just do some online catch up. It was basically pointy-clicky ooh, we have a pack to fix this problem. I hated it.

And then to the Larry note. Quite a lot seemed to be what he had said on the Sunday night with Scott McNealy. I’m not too sure about the OCM and getting informed of patches, I can see it’s a nice idea, I’m just skeptical about this in a production system. As for fusion, sorry, I don’t care. It’s just not my bag.

Arnold was funny though! 🙂


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