Oracle and Sun Pick ‘n’ Mix

Don’t remember there being a keynote last year on the Sunday, but this year the Sun/Oracle keynote was absolutely packed to the rafters. One of the nice little perks about being at openworld on a Bloggers ticket is being able to skip pass masses of people to get into the keynotes, this one was no exception. This year though they have moved the bloggers table, complete with power strips for charging those laptops right to the back of the hall. Last year was a much better view. Of course being one of the first into a huge auditorium does lead to a bit of a wait while it fills up.

Of course there is blaring music pumping out. On stage there are 2 Sun/Oracle Database machines standing side-by-side. Not sure if one is called Scott and the other Larry.

First on stage is Scott McNealy he makes a joke about his jumper not being red, but maroon as the deal has not closed. Claims the lawyers have been all over everything he says so could not say what he wanted to.

top 10 of bizarre technology including dig at Apple for not having the iPhone run java, funniest was the man whose ashes interred into sparcstation – hilarous joke on having a family plot and showing a huge tape library. Not sure I fancy the being my final resting place myself.

now doing top 10 Sun inovations

NFS from 1983

first 64bit

#1 contributor to the open source community

java obviously does not need to say too much about that

E10K – actually bought from Cray


project blackbox – datacenter in a shipping container

CMT 64 threads in 1 socket at 1.5W per thread

What will happen to SPARC – claims it has good momentum

saying Oracle will spend more money on SPARC and Solaris than Sun does now

Claims with MySQL that Oracle will support and enhance it going forward, also says with it being GPL if Oracle messes it up it will be forked.

james gosling comes on stage but it’s more like he is having a little chat with Scott rather than addressing the audience. Talking about how committed Oracle are to JAVA.

James is claiming that the Sun developer network is several factors of 10 bigger than Oracle. JRE has 15M downloads a week.

James had a nice joke about never having worked for a software company before.

John Fowler saying Sun SPARC/Solaris is #1 in all 7 key commercial benchmarks

John has announced a new product a Flash Array

Larry on stage and is definitely committing to keep innovating the SPARC line

Very much insisting Oracle will increase the amount of investment in MySQL

IBM is clearly in Larry’s sights and he is saying he is competing against the “giant”

Really going on about SPARC/Oracle being fast in OLTP than IBM

the IBM record holder is 76 rack full of computers. They used 9 standard racks for the benchmark

25% more throughput than IBM

x 16 better response

one mans sunset is another sunrise

IBM using x 6 more power x8 more space

really going after IBM.

So in many ways it really did feel like Scott McNealy’s swan-song and he looked like a pretty tired guy up on stage.

After the keynote I headed straight into the Sun welcome to OpenWorld event where there was a fantastic array of food to eat, including a selection of pick ‘n’ mix sweets. I have to say, I thought that is what Oracle would be doing with the technologies from the Sun acquisition but Larry seemed to be planting his flag firmly in the keeping it all camp.

Had a fantastic conversation with Steve Shaw, which really rounded of a terrific start to OpenWorld 2009. Even have managed to stay awake until after 11:00pm, hopefully that will mean I won’t wake up at the dreaded 03:00am.


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