It’s never the same after the 1st time

So my second trip to Oracle OpenWorld started with a lot less excitement than the first. As the title says the second time you do something is really never as exciting as the first. I had not bothered to pack until the day of flight, so it was quite nice having my eldest daughter chuck stuff into the case for me just a handful of minutes before the car to airport arrived. Actually seems to have worked out pretty well, as I seem to be missing less stuff than usual.

The journey itself was really straightforward and as an added bonus I had plenty of room on the plane, but 11 hours in the one seat is never going to be a comfy experience, barely managed to sleep so awaiting the jet-lag to kick in. I fully expect to be awake at 03:00am San Francisco time.

Going through immigration control, I managed to go to the border agent who signed my passport coming to OpenWorld last year. He was a little surprised at that. As I was leaving I told him I’d see him next year. We will see.

I think there may be a bit more interest in the presentations in general this year than last, what with the new 11gR2 release to learn about. I’m currently working on a RAC upgrade to 11gR2 and we certainly have plenty as yet unanswered questions. It will be good to be able to pose some of them to RAC team, as well as the ASM people.

The other thing I’ve been tasked to find out about, is the skinny on data warehousing and Business Intelligence. Quite a new field for me, so hopefully there will be some good content to help me navigate my way.

Roll on tomorrow.

5am Update: Well 4 hours sleep seems standard. To the bloke in an adjoining room whose cough woke me up at 02:45, you really should see a medic that cough sounds terrible.


3 thoughts on “It’s never the same after the 1st time

  1. Hi Doug,

    I guess the trick is to not actually have gone to bed by 03:00am.

    Not that I could have physically managed to stay awake that long mind.

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