In Praise of Evernote

I don’t consider myself to be the most organised individual. For quite a long time I’ve had the feeling that if only I could organise all the information that flows my way, and make it easier to find I would become far more productive and generally get more stuff done.

Sure I’ve read David Allen’s excellent Getting Things Done, but I have never managed to move from appreciating the concepts to actually transforming the way I work.

While the book is very much arguing it’s not a particular piece of software that you need, I think I may have finally found a piece of software that enables me to get more things done – Evernote.


It basically allows you capture lots, and lots of information in different formats, text, images, pdf and then makes them all searchable. There are clients available on multiple platforms, the mac client being particularly nice, but also there is a web interface as well, so it’s accessible on most mobile platforms.

There are also multiple ways of getting information into software – cut ‘n paste text into a note, drag a pdf into it etc. There is also a screen grab clipper that can get info too, and don’t forget even images get text recognition done on them.

Evernote, is not just a great way of capturing long term information, I’m finding it really useful at handling to do items as well, including whenever blog ideas pop into my head. It also has a great feature that it will sync this information that you have captured to multiple devices, just install the client on whatever desktops/laptops you need to acces the information and they will all be kept in synch. The notes you make are also accessible over the web using a browser so you have access to all your information on the go as well via a mobile device.

I really can’t praise it highly enough, and best thing of all – the basic version is FREE.


5 thoughts on “In Praise of Evernote

  1. I also love this tool, for exactly the same purpose.
    I used google notebook in the past and love it, and then google announced that they are closing down “notebook” along with a bunch of other stuff.
    I found “evernote” while searching for a replacement. At first I found them more cumbersome and difficult to use than google notes, but then I grew addicted to the extra features. Especially the integration with firefox.

  2. Not forgetting that all your photos, pdfs and clipboard text appear to be uploaded to some servers on the west coast of the USA……….

  3. Hi Chen,

    Thanks for reading! Funny, I attempted to use google notebook, but it never stuck, so far so good with evernote.

  4. Howdy John,

    Ach, I don’t think they do extraordinary rendition anymore, so not worried too much.

    That being said I take your point, not one for uploading your super-secret passwords to.

    Though they do have an encryption facility, though of course I have not a clue to the strength of that encryption.

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