Stock Photos

I got a question after my “What ASM Can Do For You” presentation yesterday regarding where I got the images that are in the presentation and why there was no attribution.

An example below is one I have used in the past when talking about myths:

The images I use are all micro stock photos. These are low cost royalty free images from amateur as well as professional photographers. They are particularly useful for promotional literature and presentations, but you must not use the images for sale on things like t-shirts or mugs.

The site I tend to use is iStockPhoto which charges $3 a for a suitably sized image for use in presentations.

One option you could use, if you balked at paying around £1.50 per image, would be to use Flickr and look for images with a Creative Commons. However, these do need attribution though this could just be a slide at the end listing the copyright holders.

I find that images with the creative commons license tend not to be quite as useful as real stock photos – the stock photos tend to have a lot of empty space that you can use to actually put some text on!

The theory is of course, that it is easier for the audience to listen to the presenter when they are not being distracted by reading bullet point filled slides. Also having an appropriate visual image to go with what the presenter is saying should make it easier for the audience to remember the points.

It certainly feels more interesting creating a presentation where you have to think a bit more creatively than slapping those bullets down onto your powerpoint template.


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