Larry Ellison Keynote Announcing Exadata: Live Blog

Well I might as well give it a go live blogging the Larry Ellison Keynote. It’s being broadcast on the web, so I’m not sure how many will read it live, but what the hell. If nothing else it should lead to some humorous spelling mistakes.

First off, I LOVE being a blogger. I skipped past an ENORMOUS queue to get into the Press, blogger and analyst pen. I’m sitting in the middle of the second row of tables smack in the middle. Lots of press in today natch, in fact I saw far more press badges than blogger badges. I can’t believe Oracle are treating bloggers with the same regard as journalists, but hey I’m loving it!

Oh, by the way, Oracle employees got in first, I saw Andrew Holdworth march in at the head of a bigish group of employees. Then it was the turn of Club Gold members.

The hall is really, really filling  up now. I see Eddie Awad two rows behind, but I don’t see/recognise any other bloggers. I was definately really keen to get into this, much more than I thought I would be at the start of the week. The drip, drip marketing has obviously done the trick, I really want to know what the X is, and I’, chuffed to be in the hall when it’s announced.

14:15 Crowds are still streaming in, that’s been for about 15 minutes now. REM blaring over the sound system

14:29 Can’t be long now surely before Ellison takes the stage, the incoming stream of people is starting to thin. The journo next to me looks like he has fallen asleep, I guess his snoring won’t matter too much over the blaring music. I think it might be Seal now.

14:31 here we go the back drop is now playing a video & the blaring music has been cut.

14:32 big cheer for hp, obviously from the hp employees.

14:33 oh christ it’s hp up first. the room turns hp blue instead of Oracle red.

14:34 she is getting desperate if she is worried that there are not enough people in the hall putting their hand up to owning hp kit

14:35 hp are going to have over 300,000 employees! plug for larrys announcement obviously a joint hp product

14:40 Just noticed that there is a big crowd to my left sitting on the floor and they have just been evicted from the hall – certainly that was more intersting than the hp blether.

14:45 video on the change that the hp datacenters have undergone christ, all bloody mighty, this is an advert. I’m being advertised to. Funny how the video does not actually seem to be the one she actually interested, certainly does not seem to fit with how she introduced it.

14:50 nod to virtualisation – it’s all about the management. One thing I would say, she is a fantastic presenter, this is not just spewing out the bullet points – she really, really knows her material. Although, the current slide on HP + EDS (HP have swallowed up EDS) is ladden with Bullets.

14:55 Damn. This would have been great for “buzzword bingo”. Vritualisation, check. Cloud computing. Check. Going green, check. Now talking about pod computing a datacenter in a box – which is basically copying the Sun Blackbox which is ooh, about 2 years old.

15:00 She is wrapping up. Why HP & Oracle are such great buddies. Desperate plea to get you to go the HP booth. Well that was a lot of words in 30 minutes without saying all that much.

15:01 It’s a video of Larrys yacht. I hope he does not sail it into the Moscone.

15:02 the crowd gives appluase to him just for getting on the stage. He is desperate to win the Americas cup. Extreme performance theme.

15:04 Graph on the size of data warehouses growing in size. Data bandwidth problem shoving the data from the disks to the servers. Claiming Data Warehouses start to slowdown at 1TB. It’s all about storage so far.

15:06 possible solutions reducing data going through the pipes or get more/wider pipes.

15:07 Oracle’s frist hardware product. in association with hp, called the Exadata programmable storage server. Only 12 disk drives hey this is just like a thumper from Sun

15:08 oooh not quite like a thumper after all, it’s returning query results not blocks. Puts intelligence closer to the data added 2 infiniband pipes.

15:13 Exadata will work with any Oracle database server, but Linux only to start with, and maybe just 32 bit at that – just said linux x86 not mention of 64bit.

15:15 Second Product: the HP-Oracle database machine. Loads of people racing to the front to get a picture.

15:16 64 intel cores for database processing, and 112 cores for storage. 36GB memory 168 TB of disk data. Good joke about the iPod.

15:18 3 year develpment program, customer testing October 2007.

15:19 Wow Plamens, M-tel was testing an exadata. Claims upto x70 performance improvement for certain operations on a 1/2 config.

15:20 replacing about 6 racks of storage with the database machine. Average speedup x30.

15:24 It’s all about bandwidth, if you have filled the pipe extra storage won’t help but the exadata adds pipe with each exadata server.

15:25 Going after terradata. And now it’s netezza, their performance is nearly as good, but I’d be worried about the fault tolering.

15:28 upto 168 TB in a database machine, 112 cores compared to 108 for netezza.

15:29 Wow the hardware price is cheaper with oracle but you get hammered on the $1.68M for Oracle server software. Hey that’s 2M, but I suppose if you have a site license…

15:31 Sales from Oracle, delivery from HP. Why are they clapping Mark Hurd (HP) just for appearing?

15:36 larry heads off-stage and a video from people who already have used it runs. Plamen makes another appearance!

15:37 show is over. No questions. I’m sure I’ve seen Larry take questions after the keynote in the past.

15:40 A massive traffic jam to get out the hall.


4 thoughts on “Larry Ellison Keynote Announcing Exadata: Live Blog

  1. Jason, me and Alex left it a bit late so we’re *way* back in the same error, with no table or power 😦

    btw, a few of us will be meeting in the 4th Street Bar and Deli, which is really close, at 5pm if you fancy a quick couple before I have to fly home tomorrow 🙂

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