OOW Keynote: Andy Mendelsohn

6 Questions being answered from lots sent in via email

top features of Oracle 11g


secure files – similar performance graph to juan laioza


demonstration on advanced compression table with 5.5M rows using 200,000 blocks. compared with a table using advanced compression is 55,000 blocks almost x4 less space also is showing graphical explain plan monitoring via grid control & future release of db control. this is being trumpeted quite a bit this week. The full table scan query against the compressed table only took 1/2 as long.

Downside with the compression is that updates/inserts have a slight overhead.

Active dataguard for query offloading

making it easier to manage the db by automating more & more, potential to have queries tuned automatically.

real application testing – capture a production workload and then replay it against another instance for testing.

video from customers,  featuring among others Plamen Zyumbyulev. patchset is the database release.

Upgrade Challenges

mitigating the risk of upgrades with capturing sql plan baselines. this capture the 10gR2 optimizer explain plans, when you have to upgraded to 11g. You can then run with your 10g plans after changing the optimizer_features parameter to 11.  if the optimizer finds a better plan when running with the 11g optimizer features it is stored and you can decide to switch to this plan. this gives you good plan stability after an upgrade.

The real ideal is to create a test 11g environment and use RAT.

What is new from development

first patchset for 11g now shipping

applications being certified on 11g & database vault

in memory database cache new enterprise edition option

RAT also backportd to 9i & 10g

Cloud computing for development and backups

apex 3.1, 3.2

How to migrate from Oracle forms

apex is the solution –  you can import oracle forms apps into apex.

What is MAA

mentions ASM & FRA and dataguard.

backup to amazon cloud uses secure backup 2.0 and rman. This is demoed using mostly grid control.

oracle have partnered with amazon to create virtual images running on amazon EC2, this will allow you to deploy oracle in the cloud really quickly.

Now there is a guy talking on his mobile telephone right next to me!?! WTF!

Andy claiming 11g is the easiest oracle version to migrate to.

Plugging for Larry’s keynote and Xtreme performance.

The demos did really not work all that well they were typed in a terminal using a really, really small font. I’m 1/2 way down the hall and I can’t see a thing.


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