Slow Burn: OOW Day 0

I had a slow start Sunday. Had a little look around San Francisco first before going to register. The closer to the Moscone I got the more people with OpenWorld tags round their neck there was.

The Apple store was crammed with delegates, made the mistake of looking at a 24″ iMac. Those screens look so good.

Registration was a breeze.

The first and only session I attented Sunday was From Alex Gorbachev titled “Under the Hood of Oracle Clusterware”.

I thought Alex gave a great presentation, particularly in detailing the boot sequence and which processes are dependent on which clusterware service. He had some really great visuals to explain the various parts of the clusterware stack.

The other large part of his presentation was debugging a node eviction, I thought his demo was excellent – sometimes I can find when people do demos it can be tedious if they are spending ages fiddling with a terminal (or worse a GUI!), but Alex had it down to a fine art, truly worthwhile to see the node eviction with Alex tailing various log files and providing copious explanations.

This was a good introduction to OpenWorld, and the audience seemed to really like it, judging by the comments I heard afterwards. An hour and a half though is maybe a touch on the long side, not that Alex had trouble filling the time mind you.

I had heard this previously, but I could not believe the number of mobile telephones going off during the presentation, one guy even walked out about 3 quarters the way through with his continuing to ring!

Sunday evening was the bloggers meet up. Never walk in San Francisco, I thought it would be easy to find, but Oracle had blocked off several blocks of Howard Street, which meant a massive detour for me, meaning I ended up back where I started and resulting in yet another taxi fare – boy, am I spending lots on taxis this trip!

All this faffing around meant I probably missed a few beers! Had a great chat with John Russell, I actually am subscribed to his blog but I’ve only found out that is who you were today – see that’s the trouble with bloggers – you just don’t know who they are 😉

5 thoughts on “Slow Burn: OOW Day 0

  1. Jason,

    Either I’m stalking you …

    You’re stalking me … or

    We have spookily similar tastes in presentations (and opinions of them, usually).

    But next time you see me, just grab me for a chat, eh? We can’t go on meeting like this and not speaking – people might think we don’t like each other 😉



  2. Ha Ha Doug!

    I’m wondering if it’s all the rain back in Scotland, it probably does something to your head when you are growing up!

    Hope to catch up before the end of the conference!


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