Charles Phillips Keynote

I watched the Charles Phillips Keynote from the OTN lounge – you can take it from me that it ain’t as comfy as the “Club Oracle Gold Lounge”.

Oracle now owns the full stack. Best of breed in all areas.

Oracle Beehive – collaboration suite integrated, blogs, wiki, email, chat, callendars. oracle db backend also uses fusion middleware. Users defined in one place for all these applications.

Saying Beehive is “Open” choice of clients for email, callendars OS independent, any ldap compliant directory can be used for user management.

documents are secured via encryption

Oracle database still has massive market share, higher than the next 4 competitors.

did not spend very much time on the db part of the stack, mentioned as the new release – not much was said on that.

demo of oracle vm

new announcements on Oracle VM & Linux.

BTRFS support – filesystem very much like ZFS

Support for RAC in Oracle VM.

metalink being rebranded “my oracle support”

netapp guy quite focused on reducing cost. He is mentioning chucks blog about storage efficiency – boy his blog must have ruffled feathers if it’s reached up the chain to the CEO.


2 thoughts on “Charles Phillips Keynote

  1. Hi Chris,

    Ha Ha Ha!

    I tell you that jetlag is making my spelling worse than usual!

    I’ve edited to avoid anyone else looking for a loaf of Oracle.

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