Some UKOUG Adverts

A short posting highlighting some UKOUG events coming up in the near future. First off, I’m speaking at the UNIX SIG on Thursday 11th in Slough.

The agenda has been online for a while and I’m doing an hour long presentation on ASM.

Next up for me will be another ASM presentation at the RAC & HA SIG this time on the 2nd October. This has long be my favourite SIG, run by the excellent RAC expert, Julian Dyke.

The agenda for this looks like another cracking day, in particular I’m looking forward to Dave Burnham’s talk on the patchset, I wonder if he has been bitten by oprocd that makes it’s appearance on Linux with the patchset, just like I have been recently? Also the presentation from John Nangle, may be related to some coming announcement at Openworld.

Then on the 8th October, I’ll be at the OUG Scotland conference. I’m presenting on both ASM & ZFS at that one, and hopefully there will be no repeat of my stage diving at the last Scottish Conference.

Finally, I’ve just seen that the agenda has just gone live for the UKOUG Annual Conference. I see that for the second year running I’m on at the same time as Tom Kyte. Ah well, at least my worrying will be over by lunchtime on the Monday.

This years annual conference looks like a cracker 🙂

If you are at any of these events do say hello!


2 thoughts on “Some UKOUG Adverts

  1. Hi Jason, quite a few interesting conferences indeed.
    Your post has triggered my interest on the oprocd. What is exactly the problem you found? I have been reading Metalink Note:567730.1 and I now understand a bit better this process and that it can be a source of problems for node stability (another one!), although it doesn’t seem the case in my prod systems (yet)

    On the other hand I have had quite a few problems recently with cssd crashing on RHEL4 U6 because of a glibc bug and I am now upgrading to RHEL4 U7 (more details in
    Did you see that one in your production too?


  2. Hi Luca,

    On oprocd, it seems that it can be far more sensitive to cpu starvation and perhaps reboot the node before it strictly becomes neccessary. Probably will blog about this later.

    We are quite ancient in our RHEL releases – U3 – I’m taking the view on the rhel releases if it ain’t broke don’t upgrade it.



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