Going to Oracle OpenWorld

I just found out that I have a place at Oracle OpenWorld and that thanks to Nominet, I will be able to attend. This will be my first ever trip to OpenWorld.

I have to say I am feeling both excited and apprehensive. Excited because I hope there will be some fantastic learning experiences to enjoy and I hope to see some interesting presentations. I’m sure it will be a great week and I hope to learn a lot.

Already building my agenda there have been several clashes of talks on at the same time.

But the crowds make me nervous. I don’t think I’m claustrophobic, but the prospect of being herded with some, what, 30,000 other people seems a scary prospect. I do remember reading from blogs last year that is a spectacularly well organised conference and this makes the flow of so many people somewhat easier so maybe it won’t be as bad as I fear.

I have never been stateside and San Francisco seems a long way from a small scottish town that has less inhabitants than there will be dbas in attendance. Though amusing to see that while Grangemouth may be less well known it is in fact older than ‘Frisco!

So if you bump into the most lost looking guy at OpenWorld do say hello!


10 thoughts on “Going to Oracle OpenWorld

  1. Nice one! See you there …

    Oh, and don’t worry about the crowds – it’s a big site and it’s easy to avoid crowds most of the time, although it’s definitely a very different conference to UKOUG. I’m sure you’ll love it.

  2. Jason,

    If you’re worried about crowds, my one word of advice – you do not have to go into the main auditorium to see the keynote presentations. There are closed circuit televisions all over the place (the halls, some of the presentation rooms, the OTN and OPN areas, etc.) that televise the keynotes.

    OK, one more word of advice – be sure to work in some down time here and there if you need to recover from the people, and from all of the information that you’ll be receving. I’m not really a technologist (I’m in marketing) and I find a lot of information of value; I can imagine that someone who fully understands the subject material will gain all sorts of knowledge from Oracle OpenWorld.

    OK, a third piece of advice – come to the blogger gathering at the Thirsty Bear on Tuesday night (Eddie Awad has the details). Last year was the first time that I made it, and I enjoyed meeting all of the bloggers.

  3. Thanks Doug!

    My quick google maps search revealed 2 Thirsty Bears.

    Glad to see it’s the one with the comment “good food/terrible service”


  4. Hye mate jarneil,

    i am also same like .I never go to USA.This is also my 1st conference.So if you want o make me friend then it will better for us.So we can handle all the hurdles in any situation.

    SO please tell me your schedule ,so we will meet and make good /best friend there.

    Thank You,

    Brij Patel

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