Presenting at the UKOUG Conference

After reading Niall Litchfield’s insight into the selection process for this years annual UKOUG Conference, I was really quite downbeat and pessimistic about my chances of getting selected. 212 abstracts for just 64 slots seems like poor odds to me! I am sure the number of slots has been reduced, and for a now 5 day event 64 slots seems perhaps less than could be crammed in, though of course whether people would actually want to attend more presentations is another question!

I had seen via judging the abstracts that there were some really excellent abstracts in the topic area of ASM, all of which were from people I rated very highly indeed. In fact I was cursing myself for putting in such a lightweight abstract and was thinking I should have spent more time on it to make it sound more appealing. I was also starting to regret not having put in an abstract on dataguard.

Thankfully, I have received an email saying one of my abstracts has been accepted and they were asking me to roll my 3 abstracts (one on ZFS, one on ASM, and one comparing the two) into the one presentation. I have managed to get a 1 hour slot for this. The selected presentation is as follows:

What ASM & ZFS Can Do For You

Both ASM and ZFS combine the role of Volume Manager and File System. This presentation will provide an introduction to the workings of both, giving an insight into their history and an understanding of the mechanics of how each works. I will also give an understanding of the benefits and drawbacks of both file systems.

I must say I am delighted with this arrangement and I really would have been a bit gutted to have missed out on the opportunity to present at the conference.

Don’t worry if you have not heard about your abstract, as I believe the confirmation emails may be going out around the 25th of July, so you may still be in with a chance.


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