Mac desktop upgrade time

I think it is taken as gospel that Apple products are expensive, perhaps even considered over-priced by some. This may well be true on some of their more fanboy, consumer orientated products but when recently looking at options for a desktop replacement it seems that Apple is giving better value for money than you might have thought.

Hopefully, I’ll soon be using a MacPro as my desktop, yup, that is 8 cores. On my desktop. Certainly far more powerful than a large number of servers that I have ran Oracle on. Oh and did I mention the 4GB of RAM? Don’t forget the 1TB of storage either 😉 . That should give me enough oomph to run a couple of vm’s with Oracle DB’s in them, so I wont miss the fact that Oracle have yet (oh aye, don’t hold yer breath) to release 11g for MacOS. My current desktop is an old PowerMac G5 which runs PowerPC so no parallels running on that!

The real point of this posting is that if you think Apple is expensive, then think again. The MacPro rig I specced up came in around £600 cheaper than a similar IBM machine. I say similar but what I really mean is that you get a whole load less for your extra 600 quid. IBM will give you 4 less cores, memory that runs marginally slower and a whole dollop less of storage! It’s pretty much the same story when we looked to Dell, and as for HP, well their uk website is so crumby you can’t even find the price of a user configurable rig.

My Colleagues can hardly believe it. A number of Linux users are going to be jumping on the Apple bandwagon, ok, they are keen on using the Apple hardware to run Linux, so they have not become truly enlightened. Still think Apple is overpriced? If you are in the market for a new desktop take a look, you might be surprised yourself.

It’s pure coincidence that this post is during macworld expo, but I suppose I can’t get away without mentioning what was in the air at the moscone center, where the stevenote revealed the worlds thinnest notebook. I think even the most die hard apple skeptic has to concede that apple design is streets ahead of its rivals. I think the air looks fantastic, and makes my MacBook Pro look a bit boxy (mind you I’m not sure I could live with less than my 15″ screen real estate!)

Over the past few years since the iPod basically owned the mp3 player market, it seems to have been an amazing run of success in terms of product releases. Apple are not content to have products that just ape other products, they are definately technological leaders rather than followers, e.g. iPhone was nothing like any other phone and probably has set the UI standard for mobiles, and yeah I’ve seen the LG Viewty and trust me the UI is a pale imitation. The air is the same, it’s not just another small laptop, it had to be thinner than every laptop!

So I like apple products, and hey they even run UNIX.


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