UKOUG Tuesday

Well, nightmare night the evening before, woke at 02:00am and failed to get much sleep after that. Pretty much gave up on making it up to Brum for Larry Carpenters talk on 11g dataguard new features. I was feeling a little uneasy by the time I was in the speakers lounge, having a final run through, it’s funny I’ve given this talk before, but knowing that in the audience there would be real dataguard experts made me slightly more nervous than giving the talk previously. I was Hall 9, which is actually quite large, though with being scheduled at the same time as Tom Kyte probably reduced the audience a little.

I had not really changed the talk much since giving it previously, and I’m not sure the spiel about our new baby being 8 days overdue went down to great. I was surprised by how long it went on for, when the chair said that there were just 6 minutes to go, I could hardly believe it. So if you were in the audience and were yawning away, apologies for going on so long. Seriously the talk went pretty well, with very few hiccups. I was somewhat chuffed when Jonathan Lewis passed me by somewhat later and said he enjoyed it – that’s good enough for me!

High Availability round table

After lunch I was at the HA round table which turned into a ask Larry Carpenter session – obviously no bad thing. active dataguard is a cost option perhaps because oracle feel it offloads large amounts of activity from primary. Hmm, still you must buy your EE license for your standby anyway.

Possibly they may in the future allow SE to use dataguard. 11g physical standby will change audit parameter to O/S when opened read only

Using flashback to test an upgrade on a standby and then flashback to the lower version, I’d already actually tried this in going -> – I must try testing this -> or maybe to 11g. Wow not many people using DGMRL. Larry Carpenter saying use DGMRL in RAC, is almost viable, but prefers 10.2.

Jonathan Lewis statspack

I was pretty drained by this time and made this the last talk of the day, which may not be the attitude required.

jonathan likes level 7 statspack., this includes top sql, plans and segment level stats.

disk I/O
cpu consumption
network delay
application contention locks rac
internal contention latch

it’s almost always the sql. The most eye opening thing for me, was the fact that there is disk I/O time histograms with statspack in 10.2 – these are not available in AWR reports – which I kinda switched over to using.

Can’t say I’m enjoying the commuting, it’s adding a couple of hours to both ends of the day, not what I’m used to. The train has been packed every day and I’m missing a few beers at night. I should not complain, I should just be grateful daughter #2 has been delayed enough to allow me to attend. Now, I wonder if I’ll make Wednesday….


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