The Scottish Conference

Well things did not quite go according to plan. I seemed to be struck down with some sort of bug and after spending most of the night before the conference retching, failed to attend any presentations. Thankfully the running order of the conference was amended so I could go on later in the day. I was quite determined to attempt to present, even though I was feeling exceedingly ropey.

I did manage to go on and give the presentation. I thought it went well enough and there are a couple of good stories in there where I felt I was really flowing. However I did feel that during the middle part I was not fully on top of the material and therefore had a tendency to look too much at the presentation and not just be “telling a story”. Perhaps though this part of the material is a little too detail focused anyway.

And yes I did fall of the back of the stage, but it was not too bad as I landed on my feet and manage to pounce back up onto the stage quite quickly and carry on with just a throwaway comment. I was actually quite pleased it did not put me of my stride at all really.

A final comment on the audience, first off it was a reasonable sized crowd though not exactly a capacity one. Secondly at the beginning I did a straw poll of how many people are using dataguard and there were staggeringly few people who do. I was really surprised at this. As was pointed out to me, at the upcoming RAC & HA SIG there are bound to be far more dataguard users. Also when asked whether there were people with no Disaster Recovery strategy there seemed be a lot of organisations out there that don’t have a plan which seems a little cavalier to say the least.

Finally and hopefully with being Scottish myself I can get away with saying this, but the audience did seem a little on the dour side, or maybe it’s just my jokes are not all that funny, but I was not the only presenter to have made this observation.


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