Is 11g still in Beta?

You are now thinking he has gone nuts or does not know have a clue about Oracle. As anyone in the industry is probably aware that to great fanfare on 11th July Oracle “released” 11g, erm well they announced they were releasing 11g. 1 month later the actual product become available for download. Sort of. It is now coming on 2 months since the Linux x86 version was released, and I’m not the only one who thinks the delay on the other platforms is kinda strange

You have to try really hard to purchase a NON 64-bit chip these days for your server, christ, Sun have been doing a 64-bit chip for more than a decade! With the price of commodity linux servers, I would speculate the vast bulk of Oracle’s enterprise customers are running 64-bit hardware with a 64-bit OS. The question in my mind are Oracle making/hoping the little guys with no requirements for greater than 4GB of RAM in their servers that are using 32-bit linux are going to be testing 11g BEFORE the actual real, enterprise release comes out? As I say my enterprise have not used a 32-bit OS in the datacenter for a very, very long time. So come on Oracle what are you waiting for, all the bugs to be fixed?


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