Favourite Oracle feature

I’m sure we all have one, right? I’ve been using Oracle for coming on 10 years, and in that time I feel I moved from callow youth to gnarled veteran. I’m a production DBA who used to be a System Administrator. I’m interested in how Oracle interacts with the OS and how to tune the various layers to get the best out of Oracle. I’m not a developer – though I have a lot of respect for those that are able to code properly. The big tuning wins are invariably finding that dog of a query and fixing it up. 3rd party apps can be a pain and 3rd party apps not using bind variables can be toxic. You would think people would know by now, but we have them running in production today. Whoever invented the idea “database independence” frankly was a moron, you can pay a lot for your enterprise database you might as well use the features you paid for, not try and reduce the code to the lowest common mush.

I’m particularly interested in High Availability and hopefully everyone now knows that does NOT mean RAC (more on that later). I think Dataguard is the top oracle feature and anyone with a Business continuity requirement is nuts for not using it, and yeah that is even if you have super expensive dark fibre connections between sites and super expensive storage array synchronisation – dataguard is still better. And it is free with your license (which is most definately NOT free).

So I hope to talk some OS (UNIX/Linux mainly), there will also be some stuff on storage as well as good old Oracle.


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